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a series of discussions 

In 2017 the project 'Some things my father put inside my vagina' was exhibited on the street billboards of gallery ArtWall in Prague. It was the first time this kind of an autobiographical testimony appeared within the Czech public space. The exhibition was accompanied by a series of discussions on rape culture, held at tranzitdisplay. In collaboration with with the magazine A2, we also prepared a special edition dedicated to the subject. 

Project partners: Gender Studies, o.p.s., Jako doma – Homelike, o.p.s., Konsent, z. s., Sociologický ústav AV ČR, Kulturní čtrnáctideník A2, A2larm, & display.

what did you expect?
living rape culture 

Rape culture is not about sex. It is present all around us: in commercials as well as in causal conversations, in job interviews and classrooms. In the discussion we will attempt to underline the sociopolitical structures enabling and supporting it. How is gender inequality connected to sexualized violence? Shall we simply ignore name-calling? And how does rape culture affect each and every one of us?

Moderator: Alma Lily Rayner

Panelists: Blanka Nyklová, Lenka Vochocová, Petra Vláčelová, Apolena Rychlíková

why didn’t you report it?
state institutions & political structures 

We generally perceive the police or the courts as institutions aiming to achieve justice for survivors of sexualized violence. However, these institutions have an additional role – for instance, they determine what counts as a sexual assault, or who may be considered a “victim”. The discussion will focus on the sociopolitical function of the following institutions in building and maintaining power relations in our society.

Moderator: Silvie Lauder

Panelists: Lucia Zachariášová, Klára Kalibová, Lucie Šídová, Johanna Nejedlová

why didn’t you fight back? 
the concept of 'expert by experience'

In Czech culture the discourse surrounding sexualized violence is primarily dictated by traditional experts- from mental health professionals we may hear about it’s consequences, researches are conducted in the academic sphere and the media, far too often, speareds sensational myths. Meanwhile, in other countries, it has been established that the discourse shifted due to the engagement of survivors. In the discussion, we will explore the concept of 'expert by experience' and it’s vital importance within the fight for human rights.

Moderator: Apolena Rychlíková 

Panelists: Lenka Vrbová , Zuzana Kříčková, Eva Svobodová, Marie Feryna

why didn't you say something?
an evening of sharing 

The discussion will be open to every person willing to share their experience involving various forms of sexualized violence, from verbal harassment to rape. Each participator will concentrate on a sociopolitical aspect of their personal experience. 

Moderators: Alma Lily Rayner & Jitka Kolářová

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