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we walk / we fall
an exercise in absence

Next to a garbage bin, I found a bunch of diapositives from the 60’s. The images depict first aid exercises- anonymous participants of various ages switch roles between rescuers and victims while posing intimacy along different states of unconsciousness. 


As a form of social ritual the images can be read as a glorification of community values. In order to survive, we must all be unified, protect and be protected. Furthermore, the ritual underlines the materialistic dimension/border of the self- the body. I was interested in exploring the dynamics through which a collective identity is drawn upon an inescapable decay.


My final series contains 30 black and white, square formatted, digital photomontages. Each image has an adhesive label to accompany it- a title for the presented exercise.

exhibition view 

Exhibition of Alma Lily Rayner in Gallery NF
A photo installation by Alma Lily Rayner

Gallery NF, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

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