Some things my father put inside my vagin
Photo from 'Some things my father put inside my vagina' by Alma Lily Rayner
My story of sexual abuse | Alma Lily Rayner
From feminist project by Alma Lily Rayner
Z výstavy 'co mi otec strkal do vagíny'
Photo from an exhibition about rape culture
An art project about incest
Co mi otec strkal do vagíny
From the series 'co mi otec strkal do vagíny'
A new exhibition by Alma Lily Rayner
Série objektů vytvořených podle vzpomínek Almy Lily Rayner

some things my father put inside my vagina


An autobiographical testimony: A series of digital prints of 3D models based on real-life objects, photos and memories

It is a silent war, an invisible one. There are no explosions. No armies gushing. No cameras sniffing. Whatever happens there, no nation will stand still. The battlefield is just a house. The bed is neat and pink. A spoon, a toy, a piece of soap. He is just a father. She is just a daughter. Another year has passed.

Variable print size
3D modeling: Vilém Duha